Our design thinking

We produce windows that allow you to let in more light into your home.
We design them with the aim of lasting over time, ensuring a high level of isolation and safety.
Make the most of your home with Starwood windows.
the perfect joint between two materials

for durability
and resistance

The aluminium frame constitutes the load-bearing system, conferring solidity and resistance to torsion and to atmospheric agents. On it is applied a perimeter hardware with multiple locking points ensuring greater stability.
The range of external finishes is very wide, in fact, the aluminium may be subjected to various surface treatments, from classic painting to oxidized effects in line with the most recent aesthetic trends.

for warmth
and aesthetics

The internal frame is made of solid wood and has a distinctly aesthetic function, conferring living comfort inside your home, becoming an integral part of the interior furnishings. Starpur offers the possibility to customize the shapes of the profiles, finishes and essences by adapting your fixtures to the most diverse architectural styles.
The result is a product that achieves a perfect synergy between functionality and design.

Aluminum / Wood

The Starwood System uses two materials: aluminium on the outside and wood on the inside, joined by special nylon joints.

Aluminum has a structural function, giving solidity and resistance to the frame, while wood, on the other hand, has a mainly aesthetic value. The wooden and aluminium profiles are coupled together by means of nylon joints which act as spacers, preventing any point of contact between the two frames and allowing the two materials to expand independently.

The nylon joints are the flagship of Starwood technology. The aluminium frame guarantees greater resistance to torsion and atmospheric agents. On this load-bearing structure Starpur applies the perimeter hardware with multiple locking points, ensuring greater stability.
The solid wood frame can be in various essences: oak, cherry, ash, maple and tulipwood.

Starwood products

We have designed a wide range of products to meet your every need with a single goal: the comfort of the space where you live.